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03 Ramp Vinegar


The Ramp, that mystifying plant (looks like a scallion) which pops up in Spring, causing hysteria at the farmers markets and then magically disappearing. We're kind of Ramp-obsessed! Our Ramp Vinegar is bold and packs a punch but the secret is in its versatility. It’s the ultimate combination of tangy, zesty & sweet, making it a flavor miracle worker. But beware, just like the ramp itself our Ramp Vinegar is rare and will be gone as quickly as it comes! 

Our Ramp Vinegar can be used on just about any dish to Ramp Up the flavor. Some of our favorites are: 

  • Omelettes & Eggs, Avocado Toast
  • Roast & Fried Chicken
  • Grilled Fish, Smoked Salmon, Oysters
  • Vegetables & Salads
  • Pastas & Grain Bowls

  • White Wine Vinegar
  • Ramp Bulbs
  • Sea Salt
  • Contains naturally occurring sulfites 


100% Real Flavor

We only use real, quality ingredients and never use anything artificial or processed





Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Love this stuff!!!

I kid you not, you can add this to anything and it gives a great balance in flavor with a beautiful perfume essence. Salad dressing, stir fry, marinades, all the things

Gavan Brown

The ramp vinegar is so good. It can replace a lot of other stuff in savory dishes, I tossed some with onion and pepper for a sausage side and it was incredible

Thanks for your review Gavin! The Ramp Vinegar is hard to beat :) We are so happy to hear you are enjoying!

Matt W

All of these new Instagram condiments have a ton of hype, so it can be hard to tell what's real. This vinegar is indeed, as others have pointed out, subtle. Ramp Up's writing and branding might have you thinking, as I did, this will be a puckeringly-strong, slap-in-the-face kind of acidic condiment, but it's not. And that's OK. The ramp's sweetness and umami are almost floral when compared to the acidity of the vinegar, which means that you can put this on a lot of foods without totally ruining them. It doesn't take a ton of planning or care to use, hence the "no brainer" on the label.

All in all, Ramp Up is generally pleasing and works most places where you need a little flavor boost. It's not the "bold" solution to boring food that the company claims it is, but it'll zhuzh up your leftovers without a lot of effort.

Lee Chenvert

A perfect balance between the savory flavor of the ramps and the crisp acidity of the vinegar base. Highly recommend using this to make pickles (especially pickled ramp bulbs) or fermented salsa verde. Also great in a bloody mary ;)

So happy you are enjoying experimenting with the Ramp Vinegar! We have't tried it in a Bloody Mary yet, but that sounds like a delicious idea!

Scott Wells
Delicious 🤤

The flavor is so lovely and delicate, with the just right amount of bite. Great for dressings. Because of the delicate flavor it can get a little list in some stronger flavored ingredients (ex. Red onion). Looking forward to trying it on more things.

Thanks for your review Scott! And you're spot on, we designed the vinegars so they add a hit of flavor but will not overpower your dish. Happy cooking :)