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Mini Collection


Our mini collection gives you all the flavor you need with our complete Ramp Up Vinegar set in convenient 2oz bottles. 

The perfect way to discover and test out all our flavors, take on the go with you or gift a friend!

Each mini pack includes:

  • Black Garlic Vinegar – 2 oz
  • Red Miso Vinegar – 2 oz
  • Ramp Vinegar – 2 oz
  • Turmeric Vinegar – 2 oz
  • White Miso Vinegar – 2 oz

Please reference each vinegar for our favorite dishes to use on and also a complete list of ingredients.

100% Real Flavor

We only use real, quality ingredients and never use anything artificial or processed





Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
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Karen Flam
A great way to try them all

This sampler is beautifully packaged (love the box) and all the bottles have orifice reducers so you can shake the vinegare right on to foods without over-doing it. We love #1 but, my faves are #1, 3 and 5. Makes a great hostess gift or for any food lover in your life.

Thanks for your review Karen! So happy to hear you are enjoying the mini collection and you are spot on, the perfect way to try out the collection or gift to a friend!

Oden Johnson
Very nice

They are all very flavorful! Not disappointed at all.

So happy to hear this Oden! We hope you enjoy!

Shaun Seifert
It's just vinegar... or so I thought!!

To be honest, I went in thinking 'how different can different vinegars be.'- I was shocked at how flavorful these all were. We've basically tried them all on different foods and each food takes to each vinegar so differently, the pairing of certain ones outweigh others on certain foods, but overall taste basically amazing on a variety of foods. It's quite amazing! Our favorite is the black garlic, it pairs with literally any food and is full of flavor! These are a go to now in most of our recipes and love the sweet taste you get from ramps! Absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review Shaun! We are beyond excited to hear that our vinegars have exceeded your initial expectations and very happy that you have found a new got to condiment in Ramp Up! Enjoy :)

James Baker
Not your ordinary vinegar

I bought the sample pack and have tried four of the flavors so far. The taste is mild yet flavorful, and not overpowering. Very high quality ingredients stay mixed while dispensing. Excellent flavor enhancer for submarine sandwiches and salads. I’ve used it on french fries and baked potatoes. Exceptional on fish. The shaker tops are surprisingly well designed and provide total control of product dispensing. I figured that I’d find maybe one or two of the five flavors good enough to re-order, but so far all are worth reordering. Just an excellent product that is now a staple in my kitchen.

Thanks James! Sounds like your doing some great experimenting and trying out the vinegars on different dishes which is exactly what the mini collection is intended for :) Thrilled to hear they are becoming your new kitchen staple as well!

Peter P. Geremia

I love vinegar to start with and when I saw RAMP UP I knew I had to try them. I purchased the mini collection to give them a try. I will tell you they DID NOT disappoint!!! Wow!! Every one has a unique delicious flavor. I LOVE The Black Garlic Vinegar. I immediately used it on soup and it gives it that amazing ZING of deliciousness!! I can't wait to try out the others on sandwiches etc. What a great idea and great product!!! YUM!!!!!!!

Thanks for your review Peter! We are delighted to hear that you are a vinegar lover too and are also loving our collection of vinegars! Black Garlic vinegar & Soup is definitely a tasty duo! Looking forward to you trying them out on other dishes too )