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Ramp Vinegar with Green Bean & Radish Salad


In This Recipe:

Ramp Vinegar with Green Bean & Radish Salad


Clean, green and punchy!


1 handful of Green Beans

1 handful of Sugar Snap Beans

1 handful of Snow Peas

1 bunch Baby Breakfast Radish, thinly sliced

1 French shallot

½ bunch basil picked

¼ bunch mint picked

Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper


Boil salted water, cook green beans for 1 minute, and then sugar snaps and snow peas for 30 seconds. Refresh in iced water, drain.

In a bowl add beans, radish, herbs, shallot, a splash of Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar and olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper. Mix gently and place on platter.

Top with a few lugs of olive oil and splashes of Ramp Up Ramp Vinegar. Done.

Serves - 2 - 4

Perfect Tune:

You Make Me Feel Good by Satin Jackets

Enjoy with:

Black Garlic Vinegar with Lamb Chops & Salsa Verde

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